If we choose to go with one package, but want to get more images after seeing the collection, is there a price per image?

Yes. All packages allow additional image purchases ala carte. The price for one additional image is $50 and the price for 20 additional images is $400.


We are debating whether we should do the shoot at sunset or sunrise?  Do you recommend a particular time of day?

If you’re on the fence between a morning or afternoon session, keep in mind that one is not preferable to the other in terms of scenery or quality of light, but the mornings are significantly less crowded; and therefor, recommended (as long as you don’t mind waking up early). The most popular starting times for a session are in the early morning.


The print credit in the packages, how would we use those?  Would you ship the prints to us?

The print credit is applied during checkout from your online gallery store.  They are shipped to your address within 12 business days.


In a one hour session, how many photos do you typically take?  In some cases the difference between packages is up to a half hour for the session, but the difference in images is significant.

I typically take between 100 and 300 photos per hour. So, for example, with the Honu (1hr) package you’ll make a selection of 50 images out of a total 100-300 images and with the Manini (45 min) package you’ll make a selection of 25 images from a total 75-250 images.


Do you recommend a particular location?  We like the beach, but also love the waterfalls and mountains.  

My top recommendations for beach locations are any of the following: Hanalei, Puu Poa, Lumahai, Shipwrecks, and Anini (with Puu Poa being my personal favorite).  I recommend the Naia or larger packages (which allocate a little more time for travel) if you were interested in a session with forest waterfalls. You may choose a location after arriving on island; in case you wanted to check out some spots. The more important step is to secure a date!


It looks like somehow the photos on your site don’t have people in the background- is this due to arriving very early morning or after everyone clears out, or do you Photoshop out the other people? 

All unwanted people/objects will be edited out!


What happens if we book this and it’s pouring rain during the time we reserved?  

If it’s raining we’ll wait it out! The rain typically passes by pretty quick. If you lose more than 10 minutes from your session because of bad weather, we’ll make it up on another date.


What should we wear?

Light colors such as tan, blue, cream, and white, are best. Avoid dark colors and busy patterns. If we’re shooting on the beach, plan on not using any footwear.


Do you have a price list for prints? 

No, but all prices will be visible on your private online gallery once your pictures are posted. Here’s the current prices of a few common sizes. 5×7: $8.95,  8×10: $14.95, 11×14: $21.95. I also offer canvases and metal prints.  Although pricey, my prints are the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. Some people prefer to print the images on their own to save some money. 


We’re considering one of the 3 digital packages, Naia, Honu, or Manini. What do you recommend?

If the Naia is within you budget; it is by far the option with the best value. As the package sizes increase, so does their value, significantly.


How long does it typically take before we get see the pictures from our session?

You’ll be able to review your unedited images within 2 weeks of our session, but usually they’re up before that.


Are the photos included on the USB and download free of watermarks, and are they the highest resolution possible from the equipment?

Yes, all images are high-res 22 megapixel or larger jpeg files; print ready, and void of any watermarks or branding. Your USB or digital download will include a photo release that allows you to print and duplicate ad infinitum.